Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Doggie Doo What?


Seriously? I'm kinda stumped about this. It all came about yesterday when my mister texted me saying "just saw a commercial for an amazing game... Doggie Doo..."board" game with a wiener dog that poops out these neon colored game pieces. Now how do we not think "shit" like this up?" At first I was lost about what he was saying. But sure enough, here you have it, Doggie Doo. I can only imagine what you are thinking at this point but if you're anything like me you may be confused. I guess this game is popular overseas and even ranked number 12 for European games, but never made it's way to the USA... I mean... come on... why can't a kid play with a little poo every now and again.... wait... what... no this seems wrong. For a good laugh I kinda want to buy it, but then reconsider. With the holidays near, the commercials on tv are unreal, some flat out bonkers, and as Wyeth watches tv from time to time I wonder what he'll spot and soon ask for next... so what pointless nonsense (toys, games, etc.) have you seen on tv lately? 

p.s. since the dog is now stealing my dad's thunder, if you have a sec would you pop over to say happy birthday to him today too ;)


  1. hahaha YES this is it!!!! And while (like every good mom) I like to think my child is a genius, Wolfie TOTALLY was into this game and thought it was hilarious!!

  2. Hahaha what on earth? This is nuts. I laugh every time I see that commercial for "Forever Lazy." Not a toy, but similar sentiment.

  3. I should buy this for my husband. He's always wanted a dog!


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