Saturday, December 17, 2011

Easy Peasy DIY Holiday Pendant

I love pendants! And this one is honestly so easy peasy, and probably free for most of you because I bet you have all the supplies on hand and didn't even know it. Pendants add a bit of something extra to the party and our curio cabinet in the dining room was needing just that. It looking a little blah and I didn't want it to be all bling bling and flashy for the holidays, but just add that something special to it, so this was what it was looking for. I love kraft paper but instead of going out to buy fancy paper, I'm all about being Green when I can so I used what we currently have. Are you ready to make a pendant with me, grab your supplies and lets get started! :)

1.) Gather your supplies pictured above. The larger needle, is an embroidery needle.
I used Bakers Twine for my pendant, but you could also use embroidery floss or yarns.
2.) For the word Merry Christmas plus the star I drew, measure out and cut 15 rectangles. 
1 1/2" in height by 1 1/4" in width. Adjust the number you need depending on the words you write. 
After your done, round the corners on 2 sides as seen in the photo above. 
3.) I penciled in my letters first (since I have sloppy hand writing) so I could see 
the placement of them. But when you have it figured out trace in your letters.
4.) Using and embroidery needle, start from the backside, and stitch upwards into the cardboard, 
then stitch back down. Repeat this step of stitching up and back down, until all pieces are on string. 
After completed, move letters around as needed to justify the spacing. 
And there you have it, a simple pendant for little to nothing. You could easily reuse this 
DIY tutorial for maybe a birthday party, congrats sign, or maybe even a happy new years banner. 
Enjoy! and thanks again for crafting with me. :)


  1. super cute! and not just for holidays but for birthdays and well any other days! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Awe I love this - so simple and cute

  3. I love this Sandi! What a great idea. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make one for my parents home. :-)

  4. thanks ladies :) it was so simple and like miss teacup mentioned, useful for other holidays too! :)


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