Monday, December 05, 2011

mini collections : christmas decor


Happy Monday friends! Hope your weekend was fabulous! We were excited to start decorating for the holidays a bit earlier this year, over this weekend! And I'll have more photos of holidays around our home to share throughout the month but I wanted to start off todays mini collection by sharing a few of our holiday collections. Hope you enjoy them and have a splendid new week. Can you believe its December! Do you have any Christmas collections on display in your home?

top ::: collection vintage ceramic deers, only a few so far, so a really mini collection
1 ::: christmas ornaments, they appear to be glass but are plastic
2 ::: stacking snowmen, gifted to me around age 9 from my childhood best friend
3 ::: our advent calendar. not so much a collection but the numbers looked pretty
4 ::: tons of vintage and a few new christmas books
5 ::: moms vintage ceramic village, inherited collection (thanks mom!)
6 ::: vintage wooden ornaments (we have a ton from our childhood!)
bottom ::: on display hanging in miss penny's room, plus a holiday painting by her from friday :)


  1. love this! vintage christmas is the best :)

  2. Your Christmas decor collection is amazing Sandi! Love it!

  3. thanks ladies! we love mixing vintage and newer christmas decor thru our home, it add a nice holiday touch :)

  4. I love Christmas :) Your decorations are so classy and awesome.

  5. So fun. I love all of the ornaments. SO pretty. Glittery Christmas decorations are the best. xo, rv


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