Monday, December 12, 2011

mini collections : christmas stockings


Good Morning friends and Happy Monday! Are you ready for the blog party to begin!?! I'm so excited and I wanted to start it off with a mini collection of our holiday stockings. As Christmas grows near I am so eager to fill these special stockings. Even before kids it has always been something I've enjoyed doing. I had a few helpers yesterday that wanted to help me out with a good photo, you'll see penny was pretty sure they were blankets worth laying on since I was shooting on the floor. I decided that next year I will remake all of the stockings to be similar in style to Penny's, since they are a mix from many years past. From left to right, the misters (from childhood) was made by an aunt. Wyeth's was knitted by me but it's kinda wonky as this was my first knitting attempt, which, way to jump the gun and try something to hard, ha! The lamb one (mine from childhood) was made by my moms close friend, my brthers have one similar but with different animals. And then Penny's was sewn by me last year, which I love how it turned out. Do you have a stocking? Is it older, newer, purchased or handmade?
 I'll be back at 10AM for your first free giveaway for the 12 Days of Holiday Cheer! 


  1. Love 'em. Stockings are so sentimental....I still have mine from childhood. My Grandma Rose made it---it has a sequin elf holding a sequin and felt candy cane.

  2. Aww! I love all your stockings. So adorable. Rob and I have yet to have a Christmas at our own house so we don't have any of our own. Just he ones at our parents' house. :)

  3. love the stockings! i love wyeth's! you are too hard on yourself sweetie! much love xo

  4. Your mini collections should be featured here!


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