Friday, January 27, 2012



BRAIDS - I use to have long hair, can you image it, like halfway down my back. I've cut and donated it a few times and now I am impatiently waiting for longer hair again. It seems to take forever to grow an inch, but will ya look at that! I was able to pull off a partial braid/ponytail which made me pretty psyched! 

DOODLING MORE - Lately I've been making a bigger effort to get back into the habit of doodling. I'm on the computer for 10+ hours a day so picking up a pencil and paper has slowly become less and less familiar. I'm making all efforts to fix this and doodle a little bit each day. Which I'm loving mind you. I do occasionally wish my pencil had a Command + Z (computer undo) button though.

What are you loving lately?

Have a happy weekend friends! I'm off this evening to see Elmo Live with the little Miss. It's her first live show/concert and I'm seeing crazy baby aisle running in our future. Wish us luck!


  1. Ah! That braid looks beautiful on you. :-)

  2. The braid looks awesome, and I must say I love the way your hair is colored right now. I'm really loving organization lately (exciting, right?). My studio organization project has been continuing all month as I continue to find ways to improve this or that as I go along, and it's actually kind of fun!

  3. Love the braid :) I like to doodle but it looks more like random lines, shapes and words rather than actual drawings. I'm sure yours are much much nicer :)

  4. Is that your head? It looks really cool!

  5. braids <3 they always look cute!! I have to doodle too sometime soon ;) Lately I'm loving Baklavas!!

  6. anna z - thanks sweet friend!
    anika- i'm organizing, ahhh, will you swing to my house, my art supplies could use some weeding thru.
    caitlin - i'd love to see some of your doodles.
    nova - yup thats my hair, thank you :)
    miss lou - i wanna see what you're doodling lately too. baklavas, mmmm this sound delish!

  7. oh I just love braids! my hair is finally long again but I can't french braid for the life of me :(

  8. oh Amanda you should youtube it, i'm sure you could figure it out, you seem very crafty :)


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