Monday, January 23, 2012



On Friday I posted a Q & A, which feel free to leave me a question, and I'll try my best to quickly respond. There was a question though asked by Tabetha who said... "I'd love to hear your advice on photographing for a blog! Your photos always looks fresh and bright-- what is your secret?" so today I wanted to share just that. First off I'm no photographer, far from it for that matter. I shot with a Canon Rebel Xsi and then do editing thru Adobe Photoshop CS5. Now there are many ways of achieving the end result of a pretty photo but I wanted to share some tips and tricks I use, for those of you who may be curious "how-to". I don't want to bore everyone else, so those of you who doesn't care for designing this post probably isn't for you... but for those of you wanting to fix those silly photos, then click HERE to see the tutorial. Thanks again Tabetha for your question! Enjoy!


  1. LOVE posts like this! Thanks for the link to the tutorial!

  2. More than I'd ever imagined you doing!! Thank you so much-- I've bookmarked & am going to start practicing tomorrow-- you are beyond awesome!

  3. this is such a great post...and something everyone should know! It makes such a huge difference (the color of photos!)

    such a cute blog...I just had to tell ya!


  4. These were really awesome tips! i had to bookmark this. thanks so much for posting!


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