Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I thought it would be fun to make some simple handmade Valentines. The kids enjoyed doodling more of their own valentines this weekend and I enjoyed a bit of craft time too. I made these simple hang tags which I plan to hang on their little doors with a special message. Are you ready to make some tags?

Stick It, Peel and Stick Felt (found at Hobby Lobby), Scissors, 
Hole Punch, Pen, Ribbon, Ruler, Paper 
NOTE : Your letters will be backwards if you doodle on the reverse,
 keep this in mind and double check before you cut them out.
Create other elements to stick on front of tag. Hearts, words, letters, etc.
You may then personalize the reverse of tag with a message to your loved one.
I cut my letter and left the counters (filled in area on letters like the P) which I liked this look. 
You may need an x-acto knife for smaller or finer details.
When your design is done, run a ribbon thru the hole for hanging or attaching to a gift.
Easy peasy, right?! Hope this makes sense and you had fun. Enjoy! 

p.s and i thought a fun background and header for tomorrow is only appropriate, whatta think? :)


  1. I'm totally in love with all the wonderful DIYs in the blog world lately...and this is such an easy and sweet idea. I especially like the one with the 3 little hearts. I'd love to make some of these for my niece and nephews. They'd be great for a gift label too :)

    And Love the themed header!!!!!!!!!!


  2. i absolutely love it....and the new header is so cute :)

  3. I love how you change your blog header every season. Teach me how to do that, please?! xo, rv


  4. thanks ladies! :) rae you can adjust it by changing out the header under the design options.

  5. These look like so much fun to make! Thanks for the easy tutorial. I'm not that crafty so the easier, the better for me. Haha.

  6. This is such an adorable project! I might have to try this one out over the weekend! :)

  7. This is such a sweet project! I've been looking for more valentinesy type of crafts lately. This one I just might have to try :) Thanks for sharing!


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