Tuesday, January 03, 2012

FatMumSlim's Photo a Day Challenge // Day 3


Day 3 // Something you adore  (above photo)
Given to my by the mister after the birth of Miss P.
I love this sweet necklace, and I'm even wearing it today ;)
Necklace via etsy seller Daisymetalcreations

I'm excited to have joined the January 2012 Photo a Day Challenge which was started by Chantelle over on FatMumSlim. Her challenge is to take a photo a day from the list she's created. I'm sharing my photos over on instagram (@adalouvintage) if you'd like to follow me, but if you've joined in for the fun please leave me a comment below telling me where your lovely photos are so I can stalk them too.
p.s. people are tagging with #janphotoaday you can peek at my day 1 and 2 here


  1. I'm playing along in instagram too (@littlellama) and so far I'm loving it! Enjoying your photos lady!

  2. love the photo a day idea...too bad i didn't see this until now. i'll just start tomorrow :)


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