Wednesday, January 18, 2012



I spy... NEW Glasses!!! So let's talk about how fabulous these glasses are. Amazing aren't they! Back in November, at my yearly eye exam I found out my prescription was changing so I started searching for a new pair of frames. I've worn prescription glasses for quite sometime (for driving and overall distance) and I've had a few different styles over the years but I decided it was time for a change, and another new look. I wasn't having much luck hunting locally, but after finding my way over to I felt like I was now getting somewhere. I used their "try before you buy" virtual mirror to try on about every pair before narrowing it down, an in the end I found myself just loving this pair, pictured above and I'm wearing below.

For those of you who love this look, this style is called the iSee25 Tortoise. I've been wanting a pair of larger glasses and these square shaped lenses inside a retro-modern frame caught my attention. Honestly, I wasn't too sure if I could pull off this look (of the larger frames that is) but after putting them on, not only can I see perfectly but I'm seriously loving my choice! They seem to fit my face shape to T and not to mention, I have always wanted tortoise colored eyeglasses. On Monday, when this little package arrived on my doorstep... let me tell you, I couldn't have been more excited than a kid on Christmas ready to rip open a gift to see what was inside. These new lovelies from GlassesUSA are surely my new favorite and amazing to say the least!

So are you looking to buy glasses well then jump on over to to find yourself a fabulous pair of your own, and to help you get started with your purchase, here's a few discount codes you may take advantage of...

 Take 20% off any pair of eyeglasses and get FREE US shipping with the code : New2012
 Take 10% off any order with code : Blog10

So what do think of my new look, do I look more stylish?
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love them! I am in desperate need of new glasses but I have vowed to buy only American made~ Are the glasses on that site American made? I have found a few places but none that have cute frames.

  2. cute!!
    they almost look the same to mine! :]

  3. oooh,likey. They look great on you :)


  4. What great timing, I've been looking for glasses! Thanks for the link {and the endorsement}-- and you look adorable in the new frames!

  5. Adorable for certain. Love them Sandi. Love to all XO

  6. I love these Sandi!! You look gorgeous in them! :)

  7. I have to wear glasses too, and these are really cute!!


  8. Sandi, These glasses are adorable! You look so great. It makes me really want new glasses. I only wear them at night, before bed. But if I had an awesome pair like this, I might swap them out for contacts.

  9. They look great on you! I just got a new pair of glasses myself & they aren't nearly as funky or daring. Sigh. Maybe next time.


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