Monday, January 16, 2012



If you haven't figure it out by yet I have a slight glassware (mugs, cups, glasses, etc.) addiction. I'm not to sure when it happened but I'm always on the hunt for all forms of glassware for our kitchen an everyday use. Though you can only use one cup at a time, you really can't have to many, right? Character glasses, like the five above,  have been a huge hit in this household by not only the kiddos but by adults too, and they're great conversation starters between our friends who come over end up using them. The two on the far left belong to the kids. The Penny (Rescuers) one obviously belongs to the little miss and the Bugs one was found thrifting with Wyeth and he asked if he could have it to match our larger ones. Of course he could :) All have been thrifted at various times, and I'm always on the hunt for more to add to our mix matched collection. Do you own any vintage glassware or character cups? Hope your weekend was fabulous and if you're off from work today (like myself) hope your three day weekends been filled with a bit of relaxing too. Happy Martin Luther King, Mini Collections Monday!


  1. I too have a love for cups and glasses. I just am in some desperate need of more counter space! xo, rv

  2. Aw! I would just love to see your house, I bet the decor is super neat-o with all these decorations.

  3. I'm right on board with your cup collection! I collect coffee mugs. I agree, as long as you're using them it's ok right? I actually just did a post about collecting but not hoarding today so it was neat to see your collecting post too haha!!

  4. When. John and i were small Nana gave us some jam jars that had characters. Not sure what ever happened to them. When Zachary was born, they released the jam jars again, tbhey are small size kid friendly size with characters. We have about 25 i will have to dig out of attic and let mariah use. If i find duplicates i'll send over to your mom for when you all come visit. Love to all

  5. Me, too! My favorites in our collection are the vintage Chipmunks glasses...but Flintstones are a close runner-up!


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