Monday, January 30, 2012



I collect bowls, plus own a rather large collection of enamelware pieces, but this small collection of vintage bowls (plus one plate) is by Emalox. A Norwegian company which made various aluminum products in bright colors, dated from the 1950's - 80's. They are light weight tin coated in enamel and overall very durable. They add a lovely pop of colors to our home and we use them often throughout the year as trinket dishes to hold candies, coins and other small items. You can find them online (via Etsy here) but if you hunt thru thrift stores, which is where most of these have come from, you can score yourself a small affordable collection. Happy Mini Collections! :)


  1. Those green candlesticks on Etsy are to die for!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! I need more enamel wear in my life. :)


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