Monday, January 02, 2012

mini collections : gifted tea towels


Todays mini collection is a part of a bigger grouping or tea towels which I own. Most of my tea towels have been thrifted by me but these 3 are courtesy of a dear friend, who knew I loved vintage tea towels and had slowly gifted me these lovelies for my collection. Thank you sweet Nicole! Aren't these all fabulous! I think so. I have a hard time passing up on tea towels (and vintage bed linens and napkins) when I thrift, so we've acquired a bit of a collection, which the mister occasionally asks me if we will ever use these towels. The answer so far has been no, cause they are just to pretty for me to dirty. I've been pondering about sewing them into a huge quilt, kinda like those t-shirt ones I've seen people make. But then again I'm not to sure I want to cut them up. Do you collect tea towels? How do you display them? Happy Monday, Happy new year!!!

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  1. Aww. These are adorable! I love the one with the calendar.


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