Monday, January 23, 2012



Well last week I shared some glassware from our home. I know I have a problem with too many glasses, cups, drinking items in general. When I buy one more to add to the collection, it's not so much the thought that we need another piece to drink from, but the thought that wow I love that design! So there you have it, I buy glassware for the design alone. Something in each of the pieces I've acquired has an element of art, design which I love and I just couldn't pass by. They're honestly kinda like little pieces of artwork. All so different and unique. And todays collection is another peek into my mug addiction. These are all stoneware with Typography which I loved!!! They all get great use an not only are the perfect size for soups and chili's but also for tasty scoops of ice cream or a small bowl of cereal while cozied up on the couch. Notice I don't have any Mom one's though... we need to work on that, I just haven't seen any while thrifting yet. ;)  Hope you're weekend was happy! 

p.s. I have a special post up at 11AM in reply to Tabetha question on my Q & A post. 
Hope you'll check back later :) Happy Monday!

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