Thursday, January 12, 2012



Have you heard of Tegan & Sara? I hope so, but if not I wanted to share a little video/song I adore by these fabulous ladies. Canadian born identical twins, which are both openly gay, Tegan and Sara Quin. They are fabulous musicians with an wonderful indie band style of music which I just love, love, love! And how cute are these two, so super cute! Sadly you can't embed any of their videos per the artist request so link on over thru the photo below. I really enjoy this video "Alligator" and I hope you enjoy them too! 



  1. I love Tegan and Sara! They have such an original style of music, and the two of them are so cute :) I love their hair! :D
    -charlotte <3

  2. I've loved these girls since I was in seventh grade... back in 2000 (oh so long ago, obviously). Gotta love a band that syncs with you over the years. The Alligator video makes me giggle... such a non-dance-y pair they are.

    Thanks for bringing music into my otherwise craft-obsessed blog reading list :)


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