Saturday, January 14, 2012



Currently we don't need a new clock, but I'm always obsession over them. I love looking for ones which make a bold statement and have a retro-like feel. When we need a new clock I'll be doing some hunting over on the Nextime site thru their fabulous clock catalog. I'm loving every single one of these and I can't stop admiring each design. The bold graphic colors sure draw my attention and I'm loving the "Testpage" and the "Colour Guide" styles the best. Ok and that Le Chat, silly kitty one. If you link on over to the Nextime site make sure to pop back here and let me know which one you love.
Happy Weekend sweet friends!

All images above from the Nextime Catalogue


  1. I have been searching for a clock for my hallway, and stumbled across your blog in the course of my quest-- thanks for the fan-ta-bulous link to Nextime. I am in absolute love with the Cuck A Do It Yourself design-- how clever~ Definitely going on my wishlist!

  2. I love the "dropped numerals" one, though I could see that one being hard to read when the arms were toward the bottom of the clock.

  3. i LOVE the woody multicolored clock, its amazing! but how do you purchase them?

  4. juliannasdesigns you can actually order a few of them thru amazon if you hunt for the names, or you can email nextime thru the contact page to acquire about a catalog.


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