Monday, January 30, 2012


There was a paper shipping tube which was sitting in the living room corner and not being used. Honestly, I'm not even to sure where it was from, and who knows how long it's been there, but either way Wyeth asked if he could use it and we said sure. At first it was a bazooka... hmmm. Well, we don't own any guns, and don't talk about them often, honestly we don't care for them at all, so he musta seen it somewhere else. But he walked around the house trying to shot things. We had a quick chit chat about the gun thing and pointing it at people so then it became the car launcher (photo down bottom), which was such a better idea. Then there was a bit of car smashing involved... this all must be a boy thing... the guns and trying to break stuff parts. A bit later the tube became a photo prop, and we all enjoyed a good laugh. Even Penny's baby doll partook in the photo fun. This weekend we wrapped up a majority of the Valentines and Miss Mess enjoyed some painting time while I worked on DIY project which I'll share tomorrow. So how was your weekend? Can you believe February is a day or so away, nuts! Happy Monday! :)


  1. That's too cute! when my kids were little they always wanted to play with cardboard boxes or shipping tubes or whatever wasn't an actual toy. And yes the guns and smashing things is definitely a boy thing! You should see my son's nerf gun artillery! He has enough for a small army....and they were all gifts! Can't wait to see your DIY!


  2. I remember how fun simple things like this were as a kid. Great photos!

  3. Ah for the days my kids thought of a cardboard tube as a toy...though my 15 year old son would still use it for a sword LOL
    Awesome idea for photos {you are really very good}~*

  4. LOVED this post!! the pics, the descriptions and everything! and yes, its a boy thing. John used to take everything apart . Zach used to "rebuild" his cars by taking them apart and gluing different pieces to other cars...Miss P looks like she had fun making a mess. wish you lived closer so that the kids (mariah is getting to know Penny and Wyeth here on your blog) could get messy together. I know they'd be great friends, come visit soon!

  5. They truly are the cutest most creative kids around! You guys always seem to be having a ton of fun! Love to see it!

  6. Love the photo tube!
    Love the Val header too.

  7. That's a cool idea. Consider it copied.


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