Tuesday, January 17, 2012



These mini vehicles are the cutest! I soooo want a tiny car, like a vintage Mini Cooper or the Fiat 500, or maybe even a Vespa turned kit car. If you drive something mini, like the above Take Ten, I'm already envious of you. If you're like me and drive a mom wagon, we're still pretty cool too! ;) What do you drive? 

1.) Teal (what is this cute car?)      2.) Yellow Trabant P50   3.) Mint Fiat 500
4.) Green Messerschmitt Cabinscooter   5.) Brutsch Mopetta   6.) Panda (and what is this car?)
7.) Vespa Scooter   8.) Vespa 400   9.) 63 Bambi Pickup Sporty   10.) Kumquat 500


  1. I'm so excited - tomorrow I'm buying a peacock blue volkswagen bug convertible!! Yay for small cars!!

    Loved this post, it made me even more excited to get the car tomorrow :)

  2. insideways oh yah!!! i wanna see a photo after you get it, i bet it is super cute!!!

  3. so cute - I really want car number 1!!!

  4. hi sandi, cars 1,3 and 10 are all fiat 500's


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