Sunday, January 01, 2012

Twenty Posts from the year and HAPPY 2012!!!

I'm excited to see where there new year will take me,
 but a quick recap on the year past. Enjoy!  
Twenty images above read from top left to right.

1.) try a little kindness, a church yard sale  // one of my favorite thrifted finds for the year
2.) vintage mug collection : guest post  // one of my favorite collections shared my girl thursday
3.) happy 6th anniversary!  // celebrated our six year anniversary to this amazing guy
4.) yellow color collection  // wyeth and i really enjoyed documenting some of his collections
5.) musician : adele  // new found artists which i love her voice and style 
6.) sweet rides. volkswagen  //  i love vw's, own one myself. find out my dream car too 
7.) my mister cooks // zucchini fries  // one of our fav new tasty treats instead of french fries
8.) my heavy heart  // i really miss this sweet face
9.) steven gonzales jr.  // artists, my brother. so proud of him for graduating college this year  
10.) Guest post from Amy  // i love this lady's style. her wardrobe is always so cute and fresh 
11.) enzo mari  // my second favorite thrifted item from the year. hard to find resin casted puzzle
12.) wyeth's room tour  // tour of the new big boy room
13.) what we wore : Halloween  // we all dressed up for our first family halloween
14.) installation of a fence part 2  // the fenced yard is completed. this had been a huge goal for us
15.) yoran morvant + ashes & milk  // favorite new found artist
16.) The Many Faces of Penelope!  // this girl makes me smile, her personality is fantastic
17.) wear. ware. where. my favorite post in this series, love the items and the color palette
18.) ric rac roundup  // a summer craft fair which has helped me realize i need to sew more in 2012
19.) take ten tuesdays : tribal inspired  // favorite post in this series.
20.) Easy Peasy DIY Holiday Pendant  // i'm excited to make more of these for other events and holidays


  1. Great post round-up :) Happy New Year pretty lady!

  2. Some of my favorites are in that list too! Thanks Sandy for all the inspiration and great reads this past year.

  3. thanks sweet friends :) happy new year!


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