Monday, January 09, 2012



Weekends are for... this cute face (above), for saturday cinnabuns, for readings to kittys, for playing pretend meal time (which mind you they eat this pretend food way better than the real deal), for dad playing double recorders and making us all laugh, for thifting with wyeth, for playing potato heads, for hanging out with cousins, for rolling about the floors for no reason, for vacuum races, for fort building, for readings books under the table, for laughing at nothing, for being with family... and if you're curious about the family photo, and why it doesn't include wyeth, well cause he was taking a few pretend photos with his toy camera of his family so i gave him my camera to snap a few real photos instead. (top photo and 2 last photos thanks to him!) hope your weekend was fabulous!


  1. So when can I come over and babysit???? They two of the most adorable kids EVER!!

  2. You have one of the most adorable families ever! Looks like a wonderful way to spend the weekend. We entertained our neighbors & did some much needed relaxing. It's nice when you can slow down for just a bit & enjoy the great things.

  3. I just love watching the way kids play. True story: play food is the thing that made me probably most excited about having kids!

  4. Wyeth is a good little photographer, and your kids are so cute!

  5. OMG! Your daughter looks exactly like you!

  6. nicole come over any time, we could always use a babysitter. thanks kelly i appreciate it, thanks! naomi we love pretend food, i have always been excited to play pretend kitchen with them :) jay he loves the camera and has been doing great and cailtin thanks, she guess kinda does, i keep thinking she looks like ben ;)


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