Wednesday, January 04, 2012

what i wore : indoor at work


The winter weather here has been awkward, a nice 31 yesterday so this girl did not go outside for photos. No snow as of yet, (knock on wood) but very chilly and windy so my photo taking has resorted to inside shots about my office space. There's some interesting places about work so I figured I'd humor myself and shot indoors. Let's just say this photo shot didn't go as planned though. And I kinda was gonna blame it on the tripod, or maybe the focus but I think my general location wasn't so hot which killed it. The chairs, the mustard colored wall, the wall art behind me, and that huge green painted are pretty sweet though. ;) I know winter just began but I'm ready for Spring. How's the weather where you are?

Skirt // Thrifted
Top // Target
Tee (blue spotted at collar) // Target
Tights // Gifted from Mom
Shoes // Thrifted Enzo's
Necklace // DaisyMetalCreations via etsy // Seen yesterday here



  1. lovely skirt, and your hair is looking super fab! Weather is horrendous here :( mostly rain which makes for difficult outfit/photo taking. anytime i see the sun i make hubby drop whatevers hes doing and take photos outside. he doesnt appreciate that,lol!;)

  2. Love this look lady! Those tights are killer!

  3. You look adorable at work! And I just love your hair! So pretty. I also love how you keep changing your blog. I want to do mine so bad! Basically, I just love it all today! Ha. xo, rv

  4. thanks ladies!

    rae - the blog just changed cause i noticed my coded fonts were not loading in ever browser, and firefox was really messing up the look of things. thanks for your sweet comments, we can chat about your blog anytime you're free. just email me ;)

  5. Love the outfit! You are just too adorable.


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