Wednesday, January 11, 2012



The Winter weather has been so weird here lately, sunny and 52, really. It's like Spring decided to come early or something. I'm not complaining, I'll surely take weird weather over snow but it's all so strange. Either way, last week I was lucky enough to find a cute new pair of boots. I've been on a boot hunt (I didn't own any) for quite some time with no prior luck so when I spotted these puppies marked way down I about flipped my lid. I love the look of them paired with leggings but they are so practical and I found I can style them a few different ways which they now add a nice touch to my wardrobe. I'm also on the hunt for some tall riding boots but still haven't found them. Do you wear boots? What does your pair look like?

Skirt // Thrifted    Belt // Thrfited
Leggings  // Target     Socks // Target (gifted)
Donkey Brooch // Thrifted // Close up here


  1. Love the new boots!

    I've actually been feeling the need to own a pair of boots. To be completely honest, I've never ever had a pair of boots...even with our weird winters. Now you're making me want to go searching for the perfect pair.

  2. oohhh Sandi! Those boots are lovely and most definitely something to keep in your closet for years to come.

  3. those are really very cute! i love simple lace up boots but the little bit of heel and fold over flap make them extra cute and special. those are the kinds of boots you can wear with eeeeverything, which i love.

    i too am looking for a pair of tall, lace up, riding boots. they're hard to come by surprisingly enough!

  4. The womens sparkly ugg boots is a stylish and glittery take on one of our most famous boots.

  5. Those boots are perfect, they're cute and look so comfortable. I have three pairs of boots that are literally falling apart at the seams. Time to hunt for new ones at the thrift store...


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