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Boy do I have a fabulous DIY for you, as today, I'm soooo excited share a wonderful Valentines DIY from Katie. Katie and I are friends thru work. And when she recently mention about doing a DIY tutorial over lunch one day for her fabulous Letterbox's (see her's first one down bottom, in green, made for her wedding) for Valentine's Day I was so happy to partake in a little demo. And it got us thinking that you may enjoy making a special Valentine Letterbox too. All of the photos, notes and this DIY tutorial are credited to Katie. You can also say hello and see what else she's up to over on her blog. Ready to make a letterbox? Go grab your supplies and let's get started!

2 cereal boxes, one slightly larger than the other
large piece of colored paper (approx 20”x26”)
template, to modify and use as reference
x-acto and self healing mat
pen or marker for linework – a white Sakura gel pen works well
spray mount or xyron or other adhesive
hot glue gun

* Katie's Template - click here

1.) Grab noted materials. Find two cereal boxes, one slightly larger than the other. The smaller box will become the postbox. The larger box will become the extra material for the detail pieces. The template is based off 2 cereal boxes sized approximately 6.25" x 8.5” and 7.625" x 10.125". For other sizes, you will need to modify the template. 2.) Use the template *(see link above with Materials) as reference to make all detail pieces (post box body, columns, shield, flap border, card insert border and banner) Open the larger box at the side seam and lay flat. Using adhesive, attach paper to front (color printed) side of LARGE cereal box. 3.) Lay out template on back (brown) side of LARGE cereal box. Trace pieces with pencil. 4.) Cut out each piece with an x-acto. Place pieces to the side, for now.
5.) Put adhesive on the rest of your paper. Place back of cereal box flat, adhering the paper to the cereal box. Leave enough extra paper to cover all sides, and ¼” paper border on front. Start with the left and right sides. Pull up paper, allowing it to adhere to the side of the cereal box. Pull up paper on top and bottom, adhering to the cereal box. Cut edges flush with the box edge. Use hot glue for top ¼” border if needed. Place post box to the side, for now. 6.) Lay out all pieces onto the ‘post box body’. Make sure everything is exactly where you want it to be. With pencil, trace inside the ‘card insert border’. Trace around the outside and inside of the flap border. Remove all pieces from on top of the ‘post box body’ piece. 7.) Cut just outside your pencil line for the ‘card insert border’. The lines from the ‘flap border’ will help you create the ‘flap’. For the ‘flap’ cut half way between your pencil lines, on the left, bottom and right sides. DO NOT CUT the top line. Score the top line lightly. Lay your ‘post box body’ onto the small box. Make sure the two pieces are lined up how you want them. Trace the inside of the ‘card insert border’ and the inside of the flap opening. Remove ‘post box body’ and cut about a ¼” outside of all traced lines – create two rectangular openings on your small box.
8.) Draw your line work on all pieces. Hot glue ‘card insert border’ piece onto the top opening, making sure the edges are covered. Hot glue ‘flap border’ onto flap, making sure edges are fully covered, and the top of the border lines up with your score line. The border will overhang the flap slightly allowing it to lay nicely. Hot glue rest of pieces into place. Finish any other line drawing. Using hot glue, adhere ‘post box body’ to the front of the small box. Make sure all openings are lined up, as well as the sides and bottom. YAY! Your postbox is complete!!! Now write notes or cards and place inside postbox for someone you love! :) Katie
Katie's first Letterbox, created for her wedding. How fabulous is this! Awesome, right!

Thanks so much again Katie for sharing such an inspiring DIY.
Enjoy and Good Luck with your own Letterbox's!


  1. umm. these are freaking adorable!! using exact-o knives are a little intimidating for me but maybe i'll give this a try. great DIY ladies.

    xo! kellychristine

  2. PS-i'm loving your valentine's day inspired blog header.

  3. Oh my gosh! Wow. This is so adorable.

  4. This is adorable!!! I love it!!

  5. Thanks so much for posting this Sandi! I hope everyone enjoys the tutorial, and has a lot of fun making a letterbox of their very own!

  6. No thank you Katiefor sharing your awesome DIY with all of us. :)

  7. Wow! Thank you for the tutorial & the template I'm going to make mine for my daughter's baby shower to hold all the cards! Thanks


  8. I love this tip and shared on my blog. Checks there:

    Kisses and hugs. With love, Rafa.

  9. it looks so cute i hope it wins my school contest!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

  10. !!!! !!!!
    O. Awsome

  11. Luv it ❤❤👍👍


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