Sunday, February 05, 2012


Ladybug Luck signed Screenprint by Charley Harper.

Well I mentioned in my last post that I found some treasures on Friday and with a little hunting they were all affordable, well kinda...

First I spotted a smaller ladybug screenprint that was noted "unknown artist" which honestly, I passed on it not knowing about it myself at first. I loved it, it looked kinda familiar but passed over it... how foolish of myself. I rounded the corner and walked down to another vendors booth and spotted a larger piece (below) by Charley Harper (his name boldly printed and signed) and did a take and then a double take and called the mister all panicky about buying it before someone else snatched it up. I hunted a bit more and then excited about my big (which mind you, I broke and sold my left leg to acquire) purchase I had complete forgot about the first little ladybugs I had seen. I guess I was on cloud 9 to even put 2 and 2 together but as I got back to work (oh ya, this was over a quick lunch break) it all clicked and I about passed out yet again. I realized what I had passed on, which was another Charley Harper signed piece. I left work a tad bit early and soon booked my butt back to the store in hopes to still find the lucky ladybug piece and it surely was there, calling out my name. Score! The owls and cash register were from another outing to the Salvation Army this past week, way more my price range for things. I've also been on a cat kick lately, not to sure why, but isn't that cat plate sooo cute? So which items have your freaked out over while thrifting? Did you end up buy them?
Fisher Price Kitchen Stove
Lithograph from 1977 show. Signed by Charley, Edie (wife) & Brett (son) Harper.
 glasses frames // avon owls (perfume bottles) // seashell book
vintage cat plat // clip on bow tie // crochet collar 

Did you get yourself signed up for the Doubledutch Giveaway, it ends tonight. Good Luck!


  1. can we go thrifting together? you have the best finds ALWAYYSSS

  2. That kitchen stove is to die for. So darling! xo, rv


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