Monday, February 27, 2012



Well I hope not to bore anyone but I wanted to share a few beginning photos as we start on our kitchen renovation. Some of you may look at the top photo and be wondering but why it's kinda cute. Well honestly, it is cute but we've made due with what we've had so far and this is actually an update since we bought it. We found our lovely home 6 years ago and feel in love with the layout and the huge yard, and location, but this was pretty much it. We looked past the blah decor and the yucky paint choices an saw it had potential but would take some serious work. We were ready for the challenge though. We've always had a vision of updates and it's been a slow process (due to things adding up to cost a butt load, like who knew a front door could be so pricy) but we've actually got around to bunch of the things on our to do list. Now this huge project (gutting the kitchen) is on the top the agenda. I'm gonna have to hunt for photos when we did our home tour cause boy was it ugly! Way different than what you see above, the kitchen was painted dark maroon with white cabinets top and bottom, a white counter, and white with tiny pops of maroon diamonds backsplash. The girl before us obviously had no clue how to paint either cause the ceiling trim was all painted maroon too, which that was lovely to repaint as it took so many coats of primer before we could get it white again. Our kitchen sadly has no storage though and 90% of our food is kept down the hall in a pantry area (built by the mister). That one wall of cabinets you see there, that's all there is, hence why we're remodeling it and now it will have an L shape layout plus more cabinets!!! We've been waiting 6 weeks for the cabinets to come in and we got news they'll be here Wednesday!!! My rents come to join us shortly after to help assist in cabinet hanging. It's time this baby gets some proper cabinets which have rollers, and don't leave sawdust on everything in the drawers when they scrape against the wood beams. I'm a wee bit nervous but way more excited about what's going to happen. I'll update you all with more photos soon. Wish us luck! Happy Monday, hope your weekend was awesome. :)
p.s. There are some current photos of our kitchen and home here if you wanna peek around.

old cabinets are slowly falling apart, house built in the 50's. these are the original cabinets. 
helping remove hardware from all the cabinets.
we packed up a bit but made a few make ready shelves to get us by. this one and the one below.
snacks, cookware, baking goods.
and so they asked us if they could sleep here... 
sadly we had to say no, ha! the bottom cabinet miss p is laying on is not dirty. 
the paints been scratched to bits from cookware pots and pans. 
and i promise it's clean though it looks terribly gross.


  1. your children look so cute stored away in the cupboard!

    I hope your kitchen revamp goes well!

  2. Awww! I like the Before picture even...can't wait to see the final product.

  3. Love the pics of the kids in the cabinets! Can't wait to see the transformation

  4. Your kids are super adorable! I'm sure all the work and money in renovations will be so worth it in the end.. can't wait to see the progress! :)

  5. Good Job! I really need to organize!! Just stopping by to send some blog lovin your way! Always checking our your adds and sponsors!

  6. The kids are so cute! And beautiful!

  7. I enjoy reading, though i rarely comment.... just wanted to pop by and say I'm excited to see your kitchen remodel. The kids are adorable, as always. Hope all is well with you guys!


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