Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Doors to Amtrak. Fact # 5

A few of my last What I Wore photo's were taken over at Union Station which is connected to my work, and located downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It a fabulous historical landmark which still serves our local Amtrak (train). This building hold so much history and the architecture is amazing to say the least. From 97-99 there was a complete restore and now it houses a Post Office, Irish Museum, Science Museum, Plantarium, Extreme Screen Movie Theatre, a few gallery rooms, a coffee shop, gift shop and a handful of restaurants. This place is HUGE!!! A few facts about Union Station...

1.) The building encompasses 850,000 square feet
2.) The ceiling height in the Grand Hall is 95 feet high (holy moly that's tall!)
3.) The 3 chandeliers (noted below in my photos) weigh 3,500 pounds each
4.) The Grand Hall clock has a six-foot diameter face
5.) In 2010 it was the 2nd busiest in boarding/detraining. An average of 400 passengers daily.

Now if you ever travel thru Kansas City be sure to stop by Union Station. I'm sure you'll love it! Enjoy!
Grand Hall. Noted Fact # 2 I took my Black and White (What I Wore) 
dress photos down near the end on the right side. Right by the Ladies sign (below)
Look at that wall detail. Amazing! Even the bathroom sign looks pretty.
Grand Hall Clock. Noted above in Fact # 4
Ceiling details above hanging chandeliers. Noted Fact # 3
These are right thru the doors on your way into the Amtrak station. 
Top photo of the doors, when you enter those doors these are to the immediate left.
In the Post Office. They kept all of the older details which I love! 
Look at this ceiling & those three hanging chandeliers. Noted Fact # 3
Outside view of Union Station, KCMO.


  1. Oh my goodness! That place is a piece of art all by itself. I wish we had more older buildings around that decorated like that. The only one that comes close is an old movie theater downtown.

  2. This is gorgeous! And captured so well by these awesome photos :)

  3. thanks ladies, it's truly and amazing place!

  4. Oh goodness, I want to go there! Great photos!

  5. Wow, that is just stunning!! And at the danger of repeating Caitlin's comment, the photos are fab-- how fantastic to be able to work near it-- what a smashing grand vibe~*

  6. Aww, Union Station is one of my fave places in KC ... you really captured its beauty! Well done, lady!


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