Monday, February 06, 2012



So these pieces are from my childhood. Aren't they too cute. I've had these in my collection... oh, since I was 4 or 5. I love, love, love that rainbow hearts one (3rd over from the left). I wore these all as play jewelry when I was a kiddo and my mom was so nice to keep all of them for me and give them to back to me when I was much older to appreciate the fact that she kept them. (Thanks mom you're the best!) My plan is to restring the ones where the elastic is going, and then let miss P play with them when she's maybe a year older (3+) cause right now she loves to put things in her mouth so I could see a scary ER trip from a bead up her nose or in her ear. So we'll just wait a wee bit longer to be safe. Did you keep jewelry or have a favorite piece you wore from your childhood? Happy Monday!


  1. Wow, this DEFINITELY reminds me of my childhood. I did in fact keep a lot of my clothes and jewelry. You have inspired me to pull it all back out ;) I remember one necklace that was a clear plastic circle with glitter water and stars inside. I LOVED that necklace….It was bright pink and purple and reminded me of these :)

  2. I have that exact same Muppet Babies necklace ... it was definitely my favorite!

  3. love this. i would still wear these today! and i have one necklaces with 3 little feet on it. in elementary school we had a field day and each time you completed walking a mile you got a little foot for your necklace ;)

  4. I LOVED these when I was a little girl!!!


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