Monday, February 13, 2012


 L to R // Marker Pen, Brush Pen, Fine Point Marker, Mechanical Pencil, Eraser, Pink Eraser & Lead.

Today's mini collection may throw you for a loop but I promise, it's still a collection. Though I tend to think of collections being all matchy-matchy, similar in shape, color or size they don't always need to be exactly the same. This collection I use often. A grouping of my all time favorite doodling supplies. I love my mechanical pencils, I could probably survive on this alone but I love to doodle so a few of the tools I used are pictured above.  Do you like to doolde? Enjoy & Happy Monday!

Top photo - Marker tool, far left. Love this Marker!!!! Can't read the writing, not English. 
Not sure who it's by but I'll try to find out though and update this post when I do. :)
Ok found more info on it. Pilot Pocket Brush Pen - link
Top photo - Brush Pen by Tombow, 2nd from left.
Tombow Dual Brush Pen in Black - link
Top photo - 4th from left, mechanical pencil.
Last nights daily doodle "Hello"


  1. Again, amazing! You talent is beautiful!

  2. Awesome collection! I love doodling too. That mystery marker looks really cool. I like the line it draws--if you find out what it is, or where to get it, I'd love to know! :)

  3. Ok Anika. Went to our local supply store and found some info on those Pens and a few links. Enjoy!

  4. So cool, I envy people who have beautiful handwriting like this - mine always looks so scruffy!

    1. Keep practicing I bet yours is better than you let on. Come visit me on my current blog… Creatively Curated. I'm going to start giving some tips and tricks on hand lettering and doodling real soon. Thank again! :)


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