Monday, February 27, 2012



Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was packed with activities and the beginning stages of a huge kitchen renovation, my next post, up later this morning will be an update on this. Today's mini collection are family necklaces. Now they are not handed down to me from family members but gifted to me and have stories behind each of them and I hope to someday hand them down to my kiddos. From left to right (above photo).

1.) Necklace gifted to me after the birth of miss P, you can see another photo of it here 
2.) The cross was from the mister and w for my first Mothers Day (day after w was born)
3.) Turquoise stone is the newest to my collection, gifted from my younger brother this holiday season. We celebrated the holidays all together (rents and us kids) first time in the past 12 years. This is now a keepsake from this special time together. 
4.) Cape Cod Ball Necklace. Gifted to me from my parents after graduating High School. This style and design is very popular back home (Cape Cod), and reminds be of where I'm from. I have a matching bracelet too which I never take off so I always have a constant reminder of family. 
5.) This Ivory Carved Flower is real and very fragile. I don't wear it often as I am worried of it breaking or loosing it but I found it while hunting online for jewelry to wear with my wedding dress. My parents graciously gifted it to me as a wedding gift and I wore it for our special day. It was just the ivory pendant so I carefully wired it to be a necklace. Boy was I worried I may break it when doing this.

So do you have any family/personal jewelry with a story behind it?

Happy Monday! I'll be back in a bit with those kitchen photos. ;) 


  1. What a special post. They're beautiful. I especially love the necklace with your families names on it. The texture is just beautiful! xo, rv

  2. Number 5 is my favorite - I remember your wedding day vividly and that beautiful necklace. As soon as I saw it in the picture I didn't even need to read the caption I went right back to that day :) Love you

  3. What a beautiful collection, I love necklaces and it makes them extra special when there is a special meaning behind them.


  4. love your ivory one-
    i really hope to find one so i can wear it on my special day, whenever that may be.


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