Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Lately I've been listening to the radio. Which isn't a normal thing, cause I kinda I don't care for the DJ's yapping nonsense between tunes. It's more chit chat than music so I usually switch to cd's instead... but a few weeks back, I decided to do some channel flipping and see if I could find anything good. And I did! I heard a song which I instantly loved but needless to say the DJ's skipped over the name and I was stumped who it was by. The mister has a rather impressive collection of music so I figured he surely must have it or be able to tell me who it was by. I'm a professional hummer (ok or maybe not since the mister never can figure out what I'm singing). I sang what I thought were the lyrics over and over in my head and aloud to the mister to see if he knew it " let's set the world on fire... and something higher... to the sun". As you can see I couldn't remember much and Google did me no justice when I kept trying to search for this. So I gave up the hunt... until last week while driving home and I heard it again! In a frantic panic and probably looking like a crazy lady while driving on the interstate, I scrambled for my phone and called the mister and said, "hurry turn on the radio, this is the song I like can you figure out who it is?" Well he surely knew who it was and go figure he even said we have it on cd. So here you have it, my new favorite song of the month, We Are Young by Fun featuring artist Janelle Monáe. Enjoy!

I love both versions, this one's acoustic, but link here to see the official music video.


  1. Love this band too. There full album just came out the other day too!

  2. This band is great. YOu should listen to their first album Aim and Ignite. Also check out the lead singers old band The Format. It's some really great music!

  3. Lauren - I'll surely have to go and listen to their older music. Thanks for the recommendations :)

  4. I heard this song on the radio the other day, too! I was frantically shuffling for my phone to Shazam it (if you have a smart phone, you should get this app to identify songs you hear!). I knew I recognized the voice from The Format, but I didn't think they had released anything new! I love it. I'm a new follower, by the way! Your blog is amazing.

    xx Olivia

  5. Thanks so much Olivia for stopping by. I'm on the hunt for The Format since a few people have since mention it. :)


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