Friday, February 03, 2012


On Wednesday the mister took advantage of the warmer weather and took the kiddos to the Zoo. Both kid (especially Wyeth) love bears so when their first stop was to see the Polar Bear exhibit it was pure joy. Can you see the excitement on Penny's face as she repeatedly said "Dad, bear, bear, bear, bear, Dad bear" and as W explained all things about the bear and what it was doing. When they reached the Hippos there was more excitement yet again as miss P loves hippos! Sadly I wasn't there to see all the smiles but the mister aways sends me texts and photos when they go. One text he sent me made me smile ear to ear. He even caught a snapshot in action below. I guess Penny (miss independent) said "no" on multiple times to holding the misters hand while walking the zoo but when Wyeth asked her she said "yup". What a great big brother, always watching out for his lil sis. It made my heart melt just thinking of how these two are the best of friends. I'm hoping it will stay this way in the years to come. All in all they had an eventful trip and saw all of their favorite animals. So what's your favorite animal?

Our Favorite Animals
The Mister : Chimpanzee
Myself : Cheetah
Wyeth : Polar Bears
Penny : Hippopotamus

The mister's really hoping his home team wins the Super Bowl this weekend. ;)
Photos from their fun filled day were taken by the mister & edited by me. Enjoy!


  1. I love and hate the pictures and stories that you post about the family. I love seeing their cute faces and hearing about all of their fun adventures - not to mention seeing my childhood literally replay as they play with toys that me and the Mister :) played with as little ones. But I HATE that we are so far away and don't get to join in on some cousin/family fun. Miss you guys and love you and I really hope that we get to see you guys very soon!!!!

  2. So cute! Looks like they had a lot of fun. :]
    I always go to the wolf section atleast 4 times while im at the zoo

  3. Oh Sandi... these pictures are so great. Seriously! I love that she's holding Wyeth's hand instead of your husbands. I also never new your son's name. That's very unique and I really like it.

    Your daughter is adorable and I love that she loves polar bears. Bears were actually an obsession of mine when I was little. I collected everything bear and still have all of the ornaments and teddy bears. Now, I now love watching the big cats. Tigers, cheetahs, and lions. They're fascinating.

    Happy Friday! Thank God.

  4. Oh, and now I really want to go to the zoo.

  5. Thanks ladies :)

    Angel I loved wolves as a kid, I wish we had them at our zoo but we don't.

    And Anna, yes his name is Wyeth, he's named after our favorite artist, @N. C. Wyeth :)

  6. Oh my goodness your little girl is SO adorable!! Looks like that had a great time!

  7. seriously, your kids are so stinkin' cute! the zoo is the BEST!

  8. I love seeing animals swim! I remember when I was a kid the Calgary zoo had a few polar bears. That was my favorite exhibit.

  9. love the post, love the pics of those kiddos! wish you lived closer to "here" so we could have fun together! maybe we'll have to venture west someday and go to the zoo with them! love you hon! miss you and love to the family

  10. Oh man, I think my face *still* looks like that at the zoo! SO freaking cute.

  11. How fun!! Looks like they had such an awesome time! I love that she wanted to only hold Wyeth's hand. It's pretty obvious they have a special bond. So sweet!


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