Friday, February 17, 2012



I mentioned a few days ago, on Valentine's, that the mister and I opt to do our Valentine's a bit differently. We dress up and give each other cards n' candy for the special day but then we pick a random day later in the week when our schedules allot us a bit of time together and have a mini celebration. We beat the crowds this way, things cost a bit less cause the holiday just passed, and we can enjoy a quiet little dinner together with a bit less stress than overall hustle an bustle of the Valentine's crowds. Tonight's our date night and I couldn't be more excited! The mister was so sweet, and was trying to surprise me but kinda slipped and said something cause he was to excited too. He planned a little staycation over at the Chateau Avalon!!! (insert HUGE smiles here) Last time we visited this place is it was fabulous, so I've decided I'm leaving the laptop at home to enjoy some much needed time with my mister... but don't worry I up late last night, typing you some awesomeness for while we're away. So have a great weekend and I'll see ya all soon!


  1. That place looks awesome!!! Enjoy your time together kid free - I know that time comes few and far between with little ones. I read on fb that a certain Auntie was headed to Kansas City so I hope that kids have fun with their Uncle and Aunts - love you guys and Happy Belated Valentine's day :)

  2. That sounds absolutely lovely! We tend to stay in on Valentine's to avoid all the crazy busyness of everyone else. Plus Mr. Wonderful can cook amazing things, so we usually have a special meal. Hope you & the mister have a wonderful time.

  3. That is so weird, we do almost the EXACT same thing. We celebrate our 2/3rd's anniversary on the 16th rather then Valentine's Day...but it is the same concept! We don't have to eat with the crowds and we enjoy doing our own special thing on a different day! It kind of started out as a joke but has become tradition. So funny!

  4. :]] so happy i got to have some aunt becca time with my munchkins
    glad you enjoyed some much needed time together.

  5. Eek! Sounds awesome :) Happy (late) Valentine's Day love!


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