Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Tiny handmade details which make our Valentine's Day oh so special. Above, handmade by the mister and myself last night. Cut craft paper, woven with yarn and stuffed with conversation hearts for the kiddos. Below, the Letterbox I made for my DIY workshop with Katie stuffed with a few small treast for the kids. Check out how to make your very own Letterbox over here. And look at that, I painted my nails for the special day. Boy was this hard. I can NOT paint my right hand, how do you do it? The hearts kept coming out like blurry blobs but I finally got it to look half decent. Our Valentine's is pretty low key, as usual, which I love. Dinner and a night in with the kiddos watching one of our new movie I would imagine. Shhhh don't tell them but they're getting Lady and the Tramp and Dumbo for Valentines day gifts. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's today?
812... nope not our address, our anniversary date :)


  1. It's all so adorable, especially the nails! Sounds like Valentine's Day in your home will be amazing. Hope you all have a wonderful time. Lady & the Tramp is one of my favorites (I will never remember the movie date I had with my dad, where we stayed home & snuggled up to watch it).

  2. I absolutely love the letter box. I'm sure you had to have some time and a little patience for that one. You definitely will have to put that in safe keeping for next year. Or maybe use it all year round and put little surprises in it!

    And your nails are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. That box is too cute! xo, rv



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