Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Howdy lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. The mister and I aren't big for crowds so we usually plan our Valentine's date a night or two after the special day. We'll be celebrating on Friday (which I can't wait), but yesterday I still wanted to dress up in a bit of red. The mister wore my favorite pink button down shirt too. He's sure swell like that. I've been meaning to wear this dress for a bit now but hadn't. I found it thrifting and feel in love with it because it twirled oh so nicely. It's a vintage square dancing dress so go figure why it spins wonderfully. I know, silly reason to love a dress but a girl needs to spin about every now and again and this is the perfect dress for doing so. Last week I shared photos taken inside Union Station and today I took pictures right outside this amazing building. I'll be back before noon to share a few photos inside this AMAZING historical landmark. Enjoy & Happy Wednesday!
Braids and a Bow! I'm excited it's finally at a braid worthy length.
I know I posted my nails yesterday but I was pretty excited about them :)

Thrifted Dress : The Square Dancing Dress Co. 
Shoes : Black Kathan's by Mossimo. Target
Tights : Chevron Pattern by NuNu Couture
Coat : Merona Wool Coat. Target
Glasses : GlassesUSA iSee025 Tortoise
Bow : Tied ribbon and bobbypin
Nail Polish : Sinful Colors - Gogo Girl (Red), Pink Forever (Pink)

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  1. So freak'n cute!! I love it!! I need to try that with my hair!

  2. Cute dress and I love that coat! Hope you guys have a great late-Valentine's Day dinner! <3

  3. That's a really cute dress and you look great in it - plus the super big smile is awesome as always :) Enjoy your Post Valentine's Date on Friday .... we had ours the weekend before Love ya

  4. I am in love with that dress! It's adorable. You look really great.

  5. love your hair style and the dress is so adorable!!

  6. You look great! Those glasses are so cute on you.

  7. goodness me you look cute. i love love love your braid...and the colours in your hair are so fantastic! i've always wanted long blue hair so your hair is definitely at the top of my hair envy list...yup, there's a list!


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