Thursday, February 16, 2012



So let's chat about how I felt like and ice pop for these photo. I usually shot about a zillion (ok exaggerated some) photos when I do my outfit posts. I use my trusty tripod and cross my fingers for maybe a handful to be in focus for me to choose from. On this particular day though, last Friday after leaving work, and the temperature was already dropped to a nice high of 18º, and I stood near the trains with no trees or walls for barriers... well, imagine that, I pretty much froze! The camera timer is for 10 photos max and sadly that all I shot cause any longer outside and I may have seriously become an ice cube. I ran back to my car so fast but my hands from the shock were cold for a good 10 minutes. Way to go silly, what was I thinking? (Don't worry you don't have to answer that.) When the weather warms up I'm going to shot a few more photos near the freights. They look so cool, especially this silver one. And they sit right outside of work over at Union Station. So what do you think of the altered dress (photo down bottom). Better? The mister said this one looked like little house on the prairie but after it was shortened he told me he liked it. The hunt is on as I think I need some cowboy boots. ;)

Thanks for popping by and 
I hope you have a lovely day!

Thrifted Dress : No maker. Altered by me. 
Shoes : Heirlooms in Walnut by Nicole
Tights & Socks : Gray. Target
Jean Jacket : Charlotte Russe
Hoodie : Mossimo. Target
Glasses : GlassesUSA iSee025 Tortoise

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  1. I wish I had your sewing machine skills! I haven't a clue how to do anything on a sewing machine - on my bucket list for sooner than later! Cute dress by the way and stay warm!!!

  2. Wow! That dress is so much more adorable now. I love the transformation.

  3. So cute! I need to start doing that. 'Fix' dresses that I find fit me and have a super cute pattern but are too long

  4. oh ya...much better. it's amazing what a little altering can do, isn't it? you look great!!

  5. thanks ladies! yes miss teacups, i love that a simple dress alterations can make such a big impact. :)

  6. amazing job with the dress! it looks completely new! should have thought twice before dismissing all of those floor-length cute dresses in the past...

  7. wow. you worked wonders on that poor dress. great job, lady!


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