Friday, March 23, 2012


(image above via smart gardener)

Spring is here, are you ready for it? I'm so eager to start planting our veggies and being outdoors more. We have a bunch of plans for or yard this year and it all starts Monday with a new swing set being delivered for the kiddos. Would it be odd for me to say I'm more excited about Monday being here than the weekend which is just beginning. I can't wait to see the kiddos faces light up, after their huge (literally huge) early birthday presents arrives. After the swing set, we have plans for getting our garden started, oh how I love fresh veggies, tomatoes, herbs, strawberries. We're in the discussion of adding more fencing to the other side of the yard. Wouldn't those marbles (photo 3 below) be so cool to add to your fence, I doubt the mister will let me drill holes in his new fencing, but ya never know though. We'll also be adding a few more plants (shrubs, decorative grasses, flowers, etc.) about our yard to make it look a bit prettier... and maybe even an outdoor picnic area, I'm on the hunt for a table and chair so we can eat outdoors this Summer. I'm so happy Spring is here though and to top it all off our weekends lookin' to be a nice high of 79, woohoo! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. So tell me, any big plans for this Spring? :)

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  1. Ohhhh those marbles in the fence would be a fab idea. I am pretty certain my hubby would be a big fat no on that idea too drilling holes in the fence.

    It's autumn here in Australia, so we've just got our last fruit from our tomatoe tree. I love the cooler months where I live here, so much nicer and easier to be outdoors all day with the kids without the killer heat.

  2. I loooooove the idea of putting marbles in the fence! I saw that on Pinterest a while back and thought it was positively dreamy!

  3. Love the marble idea! We're hoping to plant some stuff this spring since we've never had a garden ever. We eat a lot of onions and cilantro so we're thinking of starting there :)

  4. Happy Spring!
    I love gardening, but unfortunately this year I won't have any plants to grow, since I just mved to a city. That's maybe the one thing I really miss.
    Have fun planting your veggies!


  5. i love the marbles in the fence idea! I pinned it on pinterest and am thinking about doing it to our fence this year!


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