Thursday, April 26, 2012



I love Belle & Sebastian and I've been listening to this indie pop band for a bit now and I never seem to get sick of their music. Like most things when you listen to them to much they start to get blah but the more I listen to them I still love them. This group of 7 have such a great style and I knew I loved them even more when I read up on them a while back to learn they named their band after a 1960's children's book titled "Belle et Sébastien ". I hope you enjoy too, especially if you've never heard of them. I won't lie, the music video's are kinda weird but the music is beyond fabulous. Promise! ;) Happy Thursday!
(click names above to link to their site)

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  1. oo! Belle & Sebastian are my favorite! There songs make me want to go on picnics :) I saw them play 2 summers ago at the Hollywood forever cemetery for the first time and they played nothing but their old stuff. I loved it! Have you seen the cute dog on wheels brooch on their website? It's super cute. They definitely are a band that I can't get tired of either.


  2. I couldn't agree more either! I first heard them in HS and have been loving them ever since and listening to regularly (unlike most bands/songs I get sick of quickly). You picked a great song to share, one of my favs but so funny in the lyrics! Can't believe I'd never seen a video of theirs all this time- thanks for sharing!


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