Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This past weekend we celebrated our little lady's 2nd birthday. We had decided weeks back to do a mini road trip to the Topeka Zoo since she is a huge fan of animals. The morning of she woke up to some fun balloons I made the night prior and was so happy to sit near her new little friends. We had a small accident with Pooh popping but all of the gang is still hanging around the house today.
The balloons were a we bit tricky for me to figure out but after one the rest seemed a bit easier. I wanted to make her something specials so I found images of each characters online and then attempted to recreate the faces with a Sharpie marker and some cut construction paper. 
After arriving at the Zoo, which is located inside a much bigger park, we played on the swing sets and then enjoyed a train ride (mini kids train) around the park. It was highly enjoyed by both kiddos and may have been one of the highlights of their trip.
The train, the playground and a break to stop for a picnic lunch but then we soon made our way into the zoo! The zoo was cute and we enjoyed seeing the animals, especially the elephants, penguins and large cats. Did you notice Penny lost her bday dress. To hot, so she had a back up tee which got her many special birthday wishes. Which she loved. 
Across the parking lot from the zoo is a playground and cement animal sculpture garden. I thought I grabbed more snapshots of this but I guess we were to busy playing that I missed it. They has a whale (you could climb in it's mouth), kangaroo's (you could hide in their pouches), Octopus (you could hang from his huge legs) and mush more. Elephants are one of Penny's fav so I surely had to get a picture of them. 
In the park, where the zoo is, there was an original restored vintage 1900's carousel. Along side the carousel were classic cut out faces of Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ characters. Go figure, we live in Kansas :) The carousel choice by miss P was the zebra and W picked the white horse right by this so he could see her while riding. What a sweet brother.
On the ride home we lost them to the car ride. Go figure. A two hour car trip, walk around the zoo, play in the park, train ride, carousel and overall sunny day and they were pooped.
After returning home, we enjoyed some relaxing time (the kiddos slept, ha) but then when up, we gave Penny the choice of a dinner outing and she picked her favorite local place, Mimi's Cafe. We're not to sure if it's the word "cafe" or that she calls it the "purple house" and loves the colored roof or that she loves being able to eat pancakes for any meal of the day there, but we enjoyed a quick bite out and then back home for some tasty brownies with sprinkles. It was a eventful and fabulous day to turn 2!
Thanks for looking thru all the photos. 
Hope your weeks going fabulous, Happy Wednesday!


  1. Looks like you guys had a super fun day! I know I would have loved a trip to the zoo for my birthday when I was little...okay even now I'd like it.

  2. The balloon idea is perfect! I love it.

    I can't wait to go to the zoo this year! Seeing these pictures makes me want to go more!!

    What a wonderful day for Penny. You're a wonderful mom, Sandi.


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