Tuesday, May 01, 2012



Happy May 1st!!!! Wow when did May get here? Craziness. It's one of our favorite month with so much in store that I thought it would be fun starting off todays Take Ten Tuesday with a twist. Now for those of you who follow weekly, it may be looking a little different than prior but I assure you it's still 10 things I'm loving. Family is a huge part of my life. Being a mom is probably the best part of it all. That and being a wife to my mister. I had a long weekend with these 3 and as I sat and pondered what to post for todays Take 10, it hit me why not share 10 fun things, highlights if you will, from our long weekend together. All images were grabbed from my Instagram and if you're over there snapping away photos too, please let me know so I can peek in and see how your weekend went. Next week I'll be back to the more inspirational boards for Take Ten Tuesdays, but today, May 1st, it's all about what made this weekend (and life in general) so worth the extra days off - Family! Enjoy! :)

1.) A special package arrived from Rebecca, Manzanita! 2.) The mister baked homemade Calzones (does anyone need a recipe?) and we made homemade milk shakes 3.) We enjoyed hiking and time together at the Overland Park Arboretum what a fun day 4.) In the Arboretum we spotted the most amazing knitted tree. I wanted to go and hug it but it was pretty deep in the woods and I'm sure the catching of poison ivy would have not gone over so well 5.) While kiddos napped, I had some extra craft time. Got a lot done. Plus this dino helped me secretly snack on Skittles 6.) We did a bit of much needed organizing. We can now find things a bit easier than before 7.) These two are surely the cutest. Even while sleeping I feel so lucky to have two fun loving, easy going kiddos 8.) Our tom-boy/little lady showed us how to properly ride a tractor at the Kids Scape 9.) Blue painters tape is the cheapest form of entertainment yet! Mapped out a city on the living room floor and yes it's still there today for us to play with 10.) Enjoyed a fun lunch out at Fritz's - a train diner which delivers your food via train track to your table. Can you see the pure excitement in this little guys face.

All images shot and posted via Instagram


  1. Wow, I love that knitted tree, amazing!
    Wonderful pics, looks like an amazing weekend! xxx

  2. That tree IS quite amazing. I would love to see that in the middle of the woods. It looks like the kiddos had a blast.


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