Thursday, May 31, 2012


As some of you may already know, over the weekend the mister and I decided to be adventurous and pack the car and head to the zoo. We decided this Thursday night and then left Saturday to spend all day and a night in Omaha. We decided a few weeks back we want to travel more with the kiddos, get out and see things and explore surrounding areas more so we set a goal to visit as many zoo's within a reasonable driving circumference over the course of this summer, with the intent that this will prepare for a big drive to Florida this Fall. If you follow me via Instagram you can see the photos of our trip under #thesummerofzoos and I'll continue updating there when we visit other zoos. The zoo in general was beautiful! So many animals and things to look at, plus it had an Aquarium which was very cool! It was an interesting trip to say the least filled with both ups and downs, and some learning curves along the way. Plus I kept a little notebook and noted things to do and not do next time as a reminder to self. If you have a chance to visit the Omaha Zoo it's so worth it! A few photos from our day out. Enjoy! :)
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Zoo // Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium (click for Zoo site)
Location // Omaha, Nebraska 68107
Visited to date // Kansas City, Topeka, Omaha's
Next to visit // St. Louis
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The Dessert Dome ( more info link here )
Let me tell you this thing was AMAZING!!! Up top was a dessert living area with tons of animals just hanging out, and below it was an under ground exhibit which was made like caves and filled with night time critters like tons of bats, a huge swap area with gators and snapping turtles (bigger than me), moles in tunnels and other things living in the dark. We (the mister and I) really wanted to look around the underground area more but... we have one toddler who is annoyed by smells and complained of it being so stinky and a little lady who's quite scared of the dark so we booked it quickly thru the underground level for them. But maybe next time we'll see it more. 
Wyeth helped shot his own photos from the trip inside the Dome, 
(the cactus above) and the Dome ceiling (above) and the penguins (below).
There was a dino dig (in recycled rubber shoes) for fossil's in the kids area.
Miss P usually give me the stinky eye (right image) for photos, this is typical face, but I caught a few cute pictures of her not looking. I loved her little side pigtails she wore that day, when she decided to keep them in ;)
Love, love, love Jellies (Jellyfish) and I couldn't stop watching them and have a good 2 dozen snap shots of them. Just love how transparent and beautiful they are.
The occasional sit down break time in 95 degree weather.
It was a long morning as we hiked without strollers (ooops forgot to pack them) so we rented strollers to help the kiddos relax a bit and give out arms a break from piggy back rides.
These kiddos love riding a train. They become mesmerized if you will.
The next day, stopped for picnic lunch on our drive home, a good leg stretch was much needed. But our trip, it was surely a fun little weekend. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend and Happy Thursday. Thanks for looking thru (and making it to the bottom of) all the snap shots. xo :) s


  1. Wow Sandi! Your pics are beautiful! It looks like an awesome zoo! I love Penny's stink eye! Hahaha!

  2. Love those jelly fish shots. I'd probably have just as many photos of them. Looks like a fun day!

  3. What a fun trip! Your kids are so freaking adorable.

  4. One of the most adorable families I know! <3


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