Thursday, August 30, 2012



The lovely Anna Z who shares her "Point & Click" photography series here on the blog, posted a wonderful topic/post on her site called "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You". I've decide to share my things I'm afraid of with you, so you can see that no one's life's perfect… and mine is surely far from it. So here I go…

1. I have a terrible sense or direction and get nervous riding public transit (buses, taxis, etc.)
2. Late night bedtimes have become routine, which I dislike…
3. I wish we lived closer to my parents I miss them daily.
4. I wish I had a better relationship with my brothers we don't see each other or chat that often.
5. My liquid intake is horrible and I make myself quite sick from not drinking anything most days.
6. I need to spend more time hanging out with my husband.
7. I get paranoid of our children being taken or lost.
8. I'm to addicted to computers and spend far to much time on them.
9. I'm terrible at making eye contact and worry people get offended when I look down or away.
10. I overwork myself, taking on more things than humanly possible...
11. I want to sew more but have trouble finding the time.
12. The idea of daycare (other people watching our kids grow up) gave me extreme anxiety.
      So the mister became a stay at home dad. (Thank you B!)
13. I have to chew gum while I drive, if not I get nervous and grind or clench my teeth.
14. I'm concerned about money and being in debt.
15. After removing my thyroid I have trouble loosing weight… I'm over self-conscious of my size.
16. I'm impatient standing in lines.
17. People gossiping really bothers me.
18. I'm terrified of spiders and cry like a baby if one remotely touches me.
19. I would love to be self employeed some day.
20. Toddlers and older I love, but having a newborn baby's scared the crap outta me.
21. I miss my dog deeply and thinking about him makes me tear up.
22. The sounds of people clipping their nails bothers me.
23. I worry about people disliking me.
24. I hate being late to any event.
25. I smile to the point of my face and jaw hurting if I'm nervous.
26. Other than children's book I don't care to read books.
27. You can judge me all you want but I choose not to vote… and people telling me otherwise about why it's wrong annoys me...
28. I'm self conscious over my artwork and worry when I share it with people if they like it.
29. I don't care for myself in photo's so I'm usually the one taking them.
30. I dislike swearing. Even words like stupid, shit or idiot are words I try to avoid in my vocabulary. 

Anna opened it up to anyone who wants to join in and I encourage you to join us too. If you do a post on your personal site please leave me a comment below with your link so I can read your list too. :)


Hello all. Happy Thursday. Today I wanted to share some Bokeh inspired images. I have recently been doing a lot of experimenting with light and bokeh specifically. I just love the way it looks. I see it as an abstract art piece.

Bokeh is is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image. Bokeh has been defined as "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light". That definition is courtesy of Wikipedia.

Some things to remember; Adjust your depth of field. A low aperture value produces short depth-of-field, and consequently a larger blurry portion of the image. Also, the shorter the focal length, the greater the depth of field. You can also create custom bokeh! See a great tutorial here >> 

Thanks again for reading. Have a great Thursday and to see more of my photography be sure to stop over at my blog.
~ Anna

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This series offers readers Anna's advice, tips & tricks thru Anna's personal photography. See more of Anna's Point & Click series here or visit her beautiful blog over >> HERE
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Thanks so much again Anna for saying hello today and sharing this cool technique about Bokeh photography. I love the effect they are making and how the colors are so rich in the last photo. Happy Thursday sweet friends!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



A lovely little bit of color for your mind week... and get this, if you click on the source for this image below you will see that this colorful piece is actually a free desktop for your iPhone. How cool, right? Enjoy!


I shared a photo over on my IG (Instagram) of these super cute Mary Jane shoes which I love, love, LOVE! These carefully hand detailed appliques were created by the ever so talented Denise of Heyday Fashion. If you haven't meet her yet you should surely pop over to her shop and take a peek around she has some lovely handmade felt items, plus a few super stylish vintage totes (love this one!). Thank you sweet Denise! :)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012



So neon is huge this season and I feel like we've stepped back into the 80's as all bright, bold and colorful clothing and accessories alike. If you missed this trend years prior it's surely time to add a bit of neon to your life. I'm not a huge flashy in you face type of person but a tasteful amount of brightness is ok. I'm loving those purses (2 & 9) or the oxford shoes (8) with a pop of yellow. The watch is probably my favorite among this collection but right up there is the sling shot (5). I mean who doesn't need a sling shot and then add some neon, now your talking. Do you own a bit of neon this season? Happy Take Ten Tuesdays!
Plants ($24)    Satchel ($170)    Heels    Watch ($60)    Slingshot ($26)
Messenger Bag    Bangles ($14)    Shoes ($235)    Purse    Cuff ($90)


Thank you to everyone who entered this fabulous giveaway. An a huge thank you to Bess Georgette (Teresa) for offering up such lovely items. And for your giveaway winner... a big congrats to comment number 52 - Kitty! To claim your prize please email me when you have a free moment Kitty and thank you all so much again for your votes. Make sure to pop over to Teresa's shop to see more of her amazing vintage ware and remember you may use the code ADALOU to receive 10% off your purchase over at Bess Georgette via Etsy



Monday, August 27, 2012



We've been busy, busy, busy as we wrap up our final planning of our up and coming trip. We couldn't be more excited as the beach seems just a stone throw away now. Well not literally though, the map says it's actually 1323 miles, so I guess we have a bit of driving ahead of us. That's right, we're going on a much needed road trip. A few highlights from our weekend past. The girl has decided she now calls all the shots (or so she thinks), the mister and the kiddos draw our out trip, loved that Madonna wood carving but sadly passed it by. The girl loves to swing swing. We've been gathering supplies for our trip all month plus I did some sorting thru vintage toys (from my childhood collection) to give a few of the favorites to the kiddos. I loved those Gumby dolls (found at TJMaxx) but sadly left them behind too. Penelope can't seem to get enough kitty kisses, she just loves following Luna about the house which I'm so glad the cat tolerates it. And a bit of relaxing (above) was much needed. Hope you're weekend was happy!


Todays amazing key collection is that of Alexis Garrett from over at Fern & Feather She's a vintage lover and collector of a variety of items but this personal collection of keys (and she has locks too if you click on the source link below) is just lovely. I love that vintage VW key up top center and the ones with 3 holes which kinda resemble clovers. I have a small collection of keys from places where the mister and I have lived in years past, it's something like 8 or so keys but none as glorious as these. Do you collect keys? Happy Mini Monday Collections. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well the kitchen is 99.9% complete and I wanted to share a few photos how it now looks, plus share a little update of where it came from. If you've been watching the progress so far you'd know it looks so different from where we started but if you're just catching up to speed here are a few posts in progress. If you have any questions on something specific you see or are curious about shoot me a comment below or email me directly and I'll gladly reply as best as I possibly can. We're not made of money so we really worked on a budget and used the Home Depot small project loan which was amazing. It really made it possible for us to get everything we wanted while keeping it under costs. And I can't say it enough but I now totally LOVE our new kitchen! Enjoy!
A few views of our kitchen in years prior... 

1.) Our Home Inspection - Boy was it lovely. Dark Maroon paint, white cabinets, gold hardware, white counters, white and maroon tile work and dated applianced. It was so dark and dreary. The lighting was horrid with only one working light which was a huge globe/fan combo made for a living room which hung at my head height, ha!

2.) After Moving In - We hated the maroon so we started with some paint, the green surely brighten it up some. The over abundance of white was to much so we removed the cabinet doors and painted the back wall to make the space look a bit larger. You can see that lovely globe/fan combo in this photo. ;)

3.) Mini Makeover - We decided to invest a little bit into the kitchen to get it to more of a place we could live with for the time being. We replaced the lighting (globe/fan) with something more practical and the mister added a pendant lighting over the sink. We took down the mini blinds, replaced the window with an all new side sliding window. Changed the backsplash which is actually a plastic faux metal looking large tile (12 x 12) that you adhere with glue over tile. Also invested in a new counter top for under $100 which totally helped to start changing the look of the kitchen. I don't have a photo of it but we also added a dishwasher shortly after.

4.) Full Kitchen Remodel - We gutted the kitchen and removed all but the drywall. Changed the layout to add more cabinets, we only had one wall prior, now we have an L (2 walls). Ordered all new custom cabinets by Kraftmaid thru Home Depot. Cabinets all installed by the mister and my dad (thanks dad!) New cabinet hardware thru Home Depot. Looked into butcher block counters but found it more practical to ordered a new Formica faux wood custom (square cut & butt joint mitered) countertop. Swapped out a double sink to a single deep (10") basin, which I so love our sink, it's huge! New over the stove microwave (thank mom and dad!), new fridge thanks to Sears Outlet in the scratch and dent section... plus the dent is hidden by a wall so who cares. And new backsplash tiles (subway style) from Home Depot which was then installed by the misters mom (thanks you mom!) All in all the transformation has been huge! It looks so different and we love it. We are hunting for a small table to sit in the corner near the door (area not pictured) but we'll find one eventually.

Saturday, August 25, 2012



Do you know Rachael from The Paraders? She's a huge vintage lover! She also happens to curate "The Paraders" a vintage shop where she sells a beautiful selection of vintage garments. Now, have you happen to have seen this vintage inspired collection by Rachael. Well if you're a vintage wearing/loving lady you surely need to pop over to Kickstarter and check out her collection of garments as you'll be in awe over these super cute and stylish pieces. Her collection will offer these garments she's created in a variety of updated sizes and altered styles for modern day comfort. She's been working so hard to make her collection available to the public, but she's going to need a little help from all of us to make that possible. So how can you help? If you care to make a donation to fund her project I know she'd be over the moon, but if your budget's a bit tight right now you could help by simply spreading the word elsewhere. Tweet about Rachael's collection, post via facebook, tumblr, pinterest, or maybe you would care to blog about it too. Anything and everything helps. To see more of the collection you may also visit her blog. Thanks so much friends and have a Happy Weekend!!!

(Pledge ends on Thursday Sep 6, 11:59 PM EDT)


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I have not been compensated or gifted anything for promoting or mentioning of this company, The Paraders, here on the AdaLou Blog. I feel very strongly about prompting things I love and I love vintage!!! I had been contacted prior about this beautiful collection and felt very strongly about sharing it here on the blog. If you have something you'd love for me to view and possibly share please email me directly at adalou1(at)

Friday, August 24, 2012



A handful of creative DIY I'm lovin'. Those shorts and shoes are fabulous. The envelopes would be so lovely as birthday cards for a kiddos. Especially if they're throwing an astronaut or out of space themed party. That garden hose idea is brilliant and I'm sure I could splurge my old leaky hose for a new one. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!!

IMAGE 1  //  IMAGE 2  //  IMAGE 3  //  IMAGE 4  //  IMAGE 5  //  IMAGE 6  //  IMAGE 7

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Just finished up this cameo for this pretty lady, Rebecca from over at Manzanita. I couldn't be more pleased how it all came out. I really enjoy making these personalized cameos. I love trying to mix their personality and my illustrative styling to see what I can come up with. Do you know Rebecca already? Well if not, make sure you pop over to her lovely blog. You'll be in for a real treat as this lady has talent running out her ears... oh and make sure to say hello too. Happy Thursday sweet friends :)
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I'd love to doodle you a special little picture. For more info email adalou1(at)
You may view more of my illustrative work here or here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Loving that textile pattern and color way designed (above right) by Barbara Brown. The dress by mod cloth is just lovely. They always have such a pretty selection of dresses, my wish list is becoming very large. And that amazing photo of Ruby Falls is just phenomenal, plus not to mention the lighting is unreal! Photos like this make me want to just jump in the car and start traveling the US to see more of the smaller and larger landmarks. There are tons of places I would love to see and Ruby Falls has surely made the list. What are some sights/places you've loved to travel too?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



I'm not to sure how this all happened... but we now have a Preschooler on our hands. It's crazy to me how this boy is growing up so quickly and now in school?!! We took these photos the morning of his first day, and I won't lie, it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me this past week since then on Monday when I had to drop him off for his first time every for a daycare/school experience. And as I step out the door of the classroom and prayed he'd be ok for the day he turned around to give me one last goodbye glance which melted my heart. We've been so fortunate to have rearranged our personal work schedules when Wyeth was just a baby to make it possible for the mister be a full time caregiver which helped us skip right past the daycare experience. So Monday sent me back to thinking about him as a baby & wishing he was little again and how I don't (but do too) want him to grow up. Of course I did not bring a box of tissues (silly mommy) for after I left the school and started balling like the biggest baby as I drove to work. Days of a preschooler are only half days though, so you can't even image how fantastic it was when the mister texted me asking if it was ok that he call me and tell me about his day at school. He had so much fun which was such a relief and he even told me that he thought he should go back again another day if that was ok. :) I'm so happy that he's happy with the whole idea of school as he's been so eager to learn and make some new friends. Hopefully (fingers crossed) this will be the beginning of something great for him. Todays another school day, and I just can't wait to hear all about how his day was.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Good afternoon dear friends. Well if were already snooping over on the sidebar for todays special giveaway you'd see it's courtesy of Teresa from Bess Georgette. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Teresa yet may read her lovely interview over here on the blog, and if you haven't visited Bess Georgette you surely need to do so because she has the most beautiful collection of vintage dresses in her shops. Teresa has been so kind to offer one lucky reader the following... a beautiful Orla Kiely for Uniqlo scarf (which was bought while Teresa was living in Hong Kong), a vintage 1960s mesh coin purse and a vintage 1949 flower brooch made from an Australian penny coin. Thank you so much Teresa! And please see the details below to get yourself signed up for such beautiful vintage treasures. Best of Luck and happy Monday!
p.s. And if you'd care to snatch something over at the Bess Georgette ETSY shop right now, you may use code ADALOU to receive 10% off your purchase.


Main Entry (Open to all readers worldwide)
1.) Please tell us how you plan to style your lovely new scarf, purse and brooch?

Additional Entries (please leave one additional comment per entry) 
2.) Follow Bess Georgette on FACEBOOK & leave me a comment below
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5.) Subscribe to the Bess Georgette NEWSLETTER & leave me a comment below
This giveaway is open to all readers. Giveaway will run from August 20th thru August 26th, 1130PM CST. Please provide a valid email address and first name alongside your entry so I may contact you to claim your prize. If the winner does not claim prize in 30 days from contest end, then prize is forfeited and another winner will be selected at random. All winners selected via The AdaLou Blog does not directly distribute items. All giveaways are between winner and giftee. Thanks and Good Luck!

All photos thanks to Bess Georgette


Happy Monday friends! I hope your weekend was wonderful. Todays vintage collection of kokeshi dolls was spotted over on etsy, at the wonderful vintage shop called Modish Vintage curated by Evelyn Fernandez. These dolls have since sold, but how lovely would they have been to acquire as a whole collection. I love the tall doll in the back with the red bow. Which one do you like?
p.s. I'll be back at Noon with an amazing giveaway from a very special lady. See ya'll soon!

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