Monday, August 27, 2012



Todays amazing key collection is that of Alexis Garrett from over at Fern & Feather She's a vintage lover and collector of a variety of items but this personal collection of keys (and she has locks too if you click on the source link below) is just lovely. I love that vintage VW key up top center and the ones with 3 holes which kinda resemble clovers. I have a small collection of keys from places where the mister and I have lived in years past, it's something like 8 or so keys but none as glorious as these. Do you collect keys? Happy Mini Monday Collections. :)


  1. I love this mini collection! Yes I collect keys too

  2. I love this collection - I collect keys too, but I don't have many vintage ones in my collection. I'll keep an eye out for some though, they're so much prettier than modern keys!


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