Monday, August 20, 2012



Happy Monday friends! I hope your weekend was wonderful. Todays vintage collection of kokeshi dolls was spotted over on etsy, at the wonderful vintage shop called Modish Vintage curated by Evelyn Fernandez. These dolls have since sold, but how lovely would they have been to acquire as a whole collection. I love the tall doll in the back with the red bow. Which one do you like?
p.s. I'll be back at Noon with an amazing giveaway from a very special lady. See ya'll soon!



  1. I saw two lovely kokeshi dolls at an antique mall yesterday for around $15 a piece. I was so tempted to get them, but left them there. Money is too tight atm for me to start yet another collection. heh.

  2. I love kokeshi dolls. I have one very similar to the one in the centre back but unfortunately it isn't vintage. :(


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