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I'm a huge lover of vintage, especially dresses. While thrifting for myself, dresses are surely the first thing I gravitate towards, but there isn't always a good selection. Imagine a carefully curated shop of vintage pretties though. Well, today I have just that - Bess Georgette! This beautiful vintage shop offering a huge array of hand picked garments. I interviewed Teresa and she's now here to share a collection of a few of her favorite pieces. So without further ado please meet and welcome Teresa!

Hi! My name is Teresa Prowse and I'm from Australia. I've moved about a little from Brisbane to Hong Kong and while I love to travel (I'll be visiting North America in October!) my home is now in a beautiful part of Gippsland, Victoria.

I tend to drink copious amounts of tea, have a terrible weakness for cheese and am always seen wearing a skirt or dress. I love running my vintage online store and blog, Bess Georgette, and you can find me tweeting, facebooking, instagramming and pinteresting about all the vintage and lovely things that inspire me. 


Tell us a bit about your shop, Bess Georgette? And what do you love most about running this business?
I first started Bess Georgette a couple of years ago while working full-time as a graphic designer. It started as an outlet to share my love for vintage with others and while I still do the odd freelance design job on the side, Bess Georgette has now become my primary focus. 

The name Bess Georgette was inspired by the dazzling spirit and beauty of the 1920s. I like to think the name complements the tom-girl Bess with the more lady-like Georgette. After all, theres a little 'Bess Georgette' in most women! 

The thing I love most about Bess Georgette is the same as the reason why I started it. I love sharing my passion for vintage with others. Bess Georgette reflects my own tastes and its primary focus is dresses from the 1950s and 60s. I have other items, too, like handbags and shoes, but the 50s and 60s dresses are what I love most of all and I love sending them on new journeys to their new owners. 

Which pieces, sold or unsold are your favourite?
Picking favourites is hard because each piece is unique in its own way. A few that I love (for different reasons) are this 1950s pink dress by Anne Fogarty. Anne Fogarty is one of my favourite vintage designers. Her 1950s dresses are always gorgeous and I adore the peter pan collar detail on this one (below). The dress sold a little while ago but I'm always on the look out for more of Fogarty's dresses and another will be in the store soon.

While living in Brisbane I convinced a lovely friend of mine, Clare, to model for me. I had so much fun dressing her up and I adore her in the whimsical setting, wearing a beautiful 1930s lace dress (top photo). The photograph is by another lovely friend, Raoul. 

I have a slight obsession with black and white dresses and more recent favourite of mine is this 1960s party dress. The beadwork and embroidery on the skirt is just stunning!

Can you share with us a few items currently from your lovely shop. 

When I add new vintage to the store I like to have a theme for each update. Not only does it make my job more fun but I think it's a lovely way to showcase each piece. A few of my recent additions to the store have included novelty prints. There is a 1950s shirtwaist "Swan Song" dress or the gorgeous 1950s Jonathan Logan "Botany Bow" dress! The lovely black and white 1960s gingham "Betty Rocks" dress. Some soft and gorgeous blue hued dresses like the "Sweet Aqua" (plus other beautiful ginghams!) And polka dots! Who doesn't love polka dots? I love the pleated polka dots and little bow belt on this 1960s "Petite Bow" party dress.


You have a lovely collection of vintage items in your shop. Could you offer any advice/tips for those hunting for vintage?
Thank you! It's a little simple and obvious but my number one tip for hunting for vintage is to know your vintage. It goes without saying that as a vintage lover I also love to thrift and while you will find great items in your local thrift store not everything is vintage. Do your research. Reading about vintage and discovering details about your favourite eras will help you look for them. 

And if you don't feel like doing the research, well I can help with that too! I recently started Little Vintage Shopper. My aim with Little Vintage Shopper is to provide others with helpful vintage shopping tips and information. There's a free monthly email, plus I have put together handy location-specific guides. It's all about sharing my love of vintage even more! 


Thank you so much Teresa for visiting with us today and for sharing such a lovely selection of items from your site.
An for all you vintage lover, please make sure to swing on by Bess Georgette because she most definitely has a
wonderful collection of vintage gems! All images courtesy and credited to Teresa of Bess Georgette.
Happy Wednesday sweet friends!


  1. That's a lovely feature! The themed collections for each shop update is such a neat idea! Bess Georgette is a gorgeous store run by a very sweet tea addicted crazy cheese eating lady :)

  2. Hey Sandi! What a great post. THose dresses are beautiful , I can see not in any one of them. I LOVED the black and white. What a great interview. Love to you and yours. Xo

  3. What a lovely post! I love Teresa and Bess Georgette, she's one of the bloggers that keep inspiring me to wear vintage and blog about vintage more! She's such a sweetheart as well and you could really tell how sweet she is from her collection! Her dresses are just to die for and her photography is fab!

    Nora Finds


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