Tuesday, August 21, 2012



I'm not to sure how this all happened... but we now have a Preschooler on our hands. It's crazy to me how this boy is growing up so quickly and now in school?!! We took these photos the morning of his first day, and I won't lie, it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me this past week since then on Monday when I had to drop him off for his first time every for a daycare/school experience. And as I step out the door of the classroom and prayed he'd be ok for the day he turned around to give me one last goodbye glance which melted my heart. We've been so fortunate to have rearranged our personal work schedules when Wyeth was just a baby to make it possible for the mister be a full time caregiver which helped us skip right past the daycare experience. So Monday sent me back to thinking about him as a baby & wishing he was little again and how I don't (but do too) want him to grow up. Of course I did not bring a box of tissues (silly mommy) for after I left the school and started balling like the biggest baby as I drove to work. Days of a preschooler are only half days though, so you can't even image how fantastic it was when the mister texted me asking if it was ok that he call me and tell me about his day at school. He had so much fun which was such a relief and he even told me that he thought he should go back again another day if that was ok. :) I'm so happy that he's happy with the whole idea of school as he's been so eager to learn and make some new friends. Hopefully (fingers crossed) this will be the beginning of something great for him. Todays another school day, and I just can't wait to hear all about how his day was.


  1. WOO HOO WYETH!! Love this post Sandi. I know all to well what that feeling is that you are feeling. Instead of thinking what you are missing, think how much of YOU and BEN he is taking with him to school. You two are GREAT parents!! It will get easier , I promise! LOVE to all xoxo, Ronni Lynn

  2. Now the fun really begins! I just loved the bit where my kiddos started developing & learning & becoming their unique selves-- so many adventures ahead!

  3. Aww. Wyeth is such a cutie! I hope he had a great first day.

  4. Woo! This is so exciting and, I imagine, also really sad/nostalgic for you. Good luck Wyeth! <3


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