Tuesday, August 28, 2012



So neon is huge this season and I feel like we've stepped back into the 80's as all bright, bold and colorful clothing and accessories alike. If you missed this trend years prior it's surely time to add a bit of neon to your life. I'm not a huge flashy in you face type of person but a tasteful amount of brightness is ok. I'm loving those purses (2 & 9) or the oxford shoes (8) with a pop of yellow. The watch is probably my favorite among this collection but right up there is the sling shot (5). I mean who doesn't need a sling shot and then add some neon, now your talking. Do you own a bit of neon this season? Happy Take Ten Tuesdays!
Plants ($24)    Satchel ($170)    Heels    Watch ($60)    Slingshot ($26)
Messenger Bag    Bangles ($14)    Shoes ($235)    Purse    Cuff ($90)

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  1. I'm not really into the whole neon thing, but I can see the appeal. Great finds :)


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