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The lovely Anna Z who shares her "Point & Click" photography series here on the blog, posted a wonderful topic/post on her site called "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You". I've decide to share my things I'm afraid of with you, so you can see that no one's life's perfect… and mine is surely far from it. So here I go…

1. I have a terrible sense or direction and get nervous riding public transit (buses, taxis, etc.)
2. Late night bedtimes have become routine, which I dislike…
3. I wish we lived closer to my parents I miss them daily.
4. I wish I had a better relationship with my brothers we don't see each other or chat that often.
5. My liquid intake is horrible and I make myself quite sick from not drinking anything most days.
6. I need to spend more time hanging out with my husband.
7. I get paranoid of our children being taken or lost.
8. I'm to addicted to computers and spend far to much time on them.
9. I'm terrible at making eye contact and worry people get offended when I look down or away.
10. I overwork myself, taking on more things than humanly possible...
11. I want to sew more but have trouble finding the time.
12. The idea of daycare (other people watching our kids grow up) gave me extreme anxiety.
      So the mister became a stay at home dad. (Thank you B!)
13. I have to chew gum while I drive, if not I get nervous and grind or clench my teeth.
14. I'm concerned about money and being in debt.
15. After removing my thyroid I have trouble loosing weight… I'm over self-conscious of my size.
16. I'm impatient standing in lines.
17. People gossiping really bothers me.
18. I'm terrified of spiders and cry like a baby if one remotely touches me.
19. I would love to be self employeed some day.
20. Toddlers and older I love, but having a newborn baby's scared the crap outta me.
21. I miss my dog deeply and thinking about him makes me tear up.
22. The sounds of people clipping their nails bothers me.
23. I worry about people disliking me.
24. I hate being late to any event.
25. I smile to the point of my face and jaw hurting if I'm nervous.
26. Other than children's book I don't care to read books.
27. You can judge me all you want but I choose not to vote… and people telling me otherwise about why it's wrong annoys me...
28. I'm self conscious over my artwork and worry when I share it with people if they like it.
29. I don't care for myself in photo's so I'm usually the one taking them.
30. I dislike swearing. Even words like stupid, shit or idiot are words I try to avoid in my vocabulary. 

Anna opened it up to anyone who wants to join in and I encourage you to join us too. If you do a post on your personal site please leave me a comment below with your link so I can read your list too. :)


  1. I really dislike the sound of people clipping their nails too. I also feel the same about numbers 8, 11, 16, 17 and definitely 29.


  2. what a brilliant post and very brave for doing it!
    I can relate to some of your points
    You're an amazing, all round person!

    here's mine since we're all in this world together!

  3. I really loved this makes you seem even more real. Thank you for being open and sharing. I think I should try this post idea sometime soon...

  4. So many of these are true for me. My sense of direction is ABYSMAL, I worry about people disliking me, and I'm constantly concerned about money/debt!

  5. I admire you for being able to list these things. I feel closer to you now, knowing how hard this must have been to put out there. I am proud to call you my cousin! You are an amazing woman Sandi , I love you

  6. I've seen this going around the blogger world as of late, and it is inspiring. Maybe soon I will find the courage to share things I am afraid to say as well!

  7. OH man. I've seen this going around. I've been too chicken to share. 90% of what you said there: me.

    Especially the worry about my daughter being taken or lost. :/

  8. What a thoughtful post. You and I have a lot of things in common.


  9. We're pretty much the same person, except for the swearing thing. Thanks for your honesty and transparency; sometimes it's good to list one's neuroses on paper. They aren't so scary then. Believe me, I do it often, just privately. I think you just inspired a twin post to this on my blog. Hmmm....

    xxx, j

  10. This is so neat, i am the biggest fan of honesty. So lovely.

  11. I loved this! Oh and Missy, you are one of my favorite artists! Your work blows me away!


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