Monday, August 06, 2012



Our weekend was wonderful and filled with lots of family, friends and outdoor time. In no particular order... we enjoyed game night and fondue with close friends. The sunlight and shadows casted in our room is unreal, no filter on those lighting profiles of me and the crazy sun rays are from bursting off a window and mirror and shining on my face. We went to Culver's (ice cream and burger joint) for the first time and the kiddos enjoyed it. I got a few little sewing projects done. Those ele's were for 3 new babies who just arrived this June. Finished up a doodle up some super cute pups for a friend. Started on a special scooter doodle for another friend, when it's done I'll surely share it here, the scooter is so cute and now I want one! Working on prototypes of stampers. Can you guess who the prototype is of? Hopefully if all goes according to plan and we nail down things (fingers crossed), I'll be able to offer custom designed stampers plus a few of my favorite doodles over at Benandi. Luna seems to have the right idea and is always napping. I guess I should take notes from the cat how to get more sleep... And we took the kiddo hiking thru to the Arboretum, which it was lovely being outside. What did you do this weekend?


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