Monday, August 13, 2012



A few highlights from our weekend via instagram, in no particular order. The girl loves water towers and we stopped at a park to play which just happened to have a water tower :) Surely we had to snap a few photos. Our little gymnast loves to show off her hanging skills. I had a good chat with Jimmy (the rock) about yelling loudly from the dresser, he promised to quiet down some if I did a better job cleaning up the mess up there with him. I made cinnamon pancakes (I'll share them on the blog this week). The mister and I had some silly faces after a zoo trip came to a quick end... hot weather, over tired kiddos, requested and granted piggybacks, a bit of whining... it just made for a short zoo trip but oh well... some new shoes arrived (I ordered them for my sweet SIL which I hope she loves them, and they fit her). The boy got his hair cut in preparation for school! There was baking of cookies which were made into ice cream sandwiches, yum!!! Oh and my other SIL generously backed the mister and I a few sticky buns, thanks T :) The kitty has been hanging out with me when I sit and work. The mister and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary yesterday with a trip to the movies (Dark Knight Rises (Batman)) and a lunch date to California Pizza Kitchen. It was delish! And some creative cuisine for two special kiddos thanks to the mister once again. So how was your weekend? Hope it was awesome!!! Happy Monday :)


  1. I loved water towers when I was a kid too.
    I love all the pictures, all the food looks so yummy, Happy Anni! (mine and my man's ten year is coming up :o woah) Have a great week!


    1. Thanks Mandy, Congrats to you and your mister with your up and coming 10 years! :) We're celebrating 7 married and 12 together, boy does that seem like a while ;)

  2. I always love your weekend photos...your kiddos are so freaking adorable. :)

    1. Thanks Caitlin, you're too sweet. Happy week sweet friend :)


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