Saturday, August 04, 2012



Happy weekend! I hope it's been relaxing, I know mine has been a bit laid back so far. Just a reminder not forget to go sign yourself up for the free giveaway to win yourself a lovely pair of clogs thanks to Ugglebo Clogs. And a list below of other things I've spotted and love from this week past. Enjoy!
  • With the Olympics on the brain I'm loving this canvas tote (above) by Lucy Irving
  • Wanting this Molly Dolly (rag doll) by Jess Quinn
  • These nails are lovely, how did they do them?
  • This typographic designed ABC's is so cool
  • These Hand Dyed Shoes over at etsy, Evoling Habitat. Beautiful!
  • If only this Orla Kiely purse via ModCloth was in my price range...
  • As I think about Halloween, which is not far off this family of s'mores is pretty cute
  • Loving this purple faded hair I think I need mine to look more like this...
  • Or maybe like this aqua & blue hair (above) which is so gorgeous
  • I have a few Kenneth Townsend pieces but this one's on my radar
  • I'm really enjoying the tumblr page A Place for Art


  1. I want that hair..oh my goodness...

  2. Love the aqua & blue hair {& I think it would suit you beautifully!!}

  3. oh i want that hair so so so bad!

  4. im glad you liked the lucy irving tote, i featured it as well on my blog! Its awesome isnt it?

  5. I love the blue and aqua hair. I would love to dye mine, but I think my work would freak out. I am scared to ask. LOL I got my elephant!!! Thank YOU so much. I love it. I posted a few pics of it on my blog:


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