Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Well I love blogging, I really do, but as the blog continues to grow I want to narrow down the focus to stay more on track. I am interested in sharing so much here but I don't want to be all over the place and loose focus along the way, so I would love to hearing your thoughts about "what do you love most about this blog" and "what would you care to see more of, or could totally do without". I would love to start sharing DIY weekly/biweekly on the blog. Or tips an tricks about art & design, if anyone cares to hear of stuff like this. Mostly I've shared things which I love and categorized them in a few different series (shown below). Thanks in advance for any and all input, you all are the best! Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love it all, haha. I would LOVE to see DIY / tips!!! :)

  2. I'm a big fan of the recipes you share, and when you share little things about your personal life and every day happenings :) But that's just me! Whatever you do I'll keep reading. :)

  3. Well Sandi , being your cousin I may be biased, but I go to your blog before I check email in the morning! I love everything you have done and LOVE being able to share your world which is far away from mine! So I will leave the advice to the experts and say, I will be a FAN no matter what changes come! I love you girl! hugs to the family xo

  4. I think everything you share on your blog is great. You should share what ever you feel like sharing! :)

  5. I am new via IG so I can't contribute based on past posts; however, I can see that my first reaction and why I follow you is correct-everyone loves everything! LOL I often feel my blog posts are scattered and all over the place.

  6. I really enjoy The Mister Cooks--always yummy ideas. and What I Wore--love your style. and your bits and bobs about your family---would love DIY stuff though!! Keep up the great work, Sandi!!

  7. I love the wear, ware, where series! and the color palettes. As well as artists I love. And collections.

  8. I LOVE your blog-- you have fantastic taste & a great eye. I do like the idea of more art design tips-- & along those lines, there aren't a lot of bloggers who do what you do artistically, & getting a peak into your process would be very cool!

    1. I completely agree with all of the above but especially with Tabetha. Getting to see your process in, in your words and pictures would be really cool! You are so very talented in such a variety of ways!!


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